Small Small Chinese Classes resume in Sierra Leone

SCHOOL NAME:  Jarwlee Lewis Nursery and Preparatory School
ADDRESS:  Located at 47 Adelaide Street Freetown a Private School.
HEAD TEACHER: Mrs. Janet .W. Sefoi

The school is the First Primary school to introduce the Small Small Chinese Language because of the ambition of the head Teacher who always want the school to be one to recone with and so I was watching SLBC Sierra Leone Broadcasting Co-operation one day when I saw Sister Maria Presenting this Small Small Chinese I immediately picked up a book and pen started writing as she say word and then translate I write down after gathering some notes then I said to myself that this is good for my school, so I told the pupils in the assembly about introducing the learning of Chinese which they were happy and excited. Lucking for me, Mr. Alusine Kamara has being helping the school with some global classroom project as his use to come quite often to introduce some global connection initiatives, I told him what I saw on the TV I would like to bring this Small Small Chinese teaching to my school, He immediately told me about the founder Madam Mariatu Kargbo as he also working with her on this Small Small Chinese he straight away lead me to Madam Mariatu and joined me on the Whatsapp group on her weekly video teaching.

Now the children are finding it very interesting when they are learning it with fun as they are devoted when we are teaching them what we are learning from Madam Mariatu Teaching.

Learning Small Small Chinese is a unique initiative which will help the children so much as the world need china and China need the world. As I believe language help bridge Culture and tradition. Sierra Leone and China have been connected for over 50 Years if the children are learning Chinese in school just as they learn other language it will be something unique as most people travel to China for various purposes above all we need to catch them young which will help bridge the language barrier. We have 13 Pupils for a Start I called the Chinese Club. Some of them are :

Victoria Bahowan, Abioseh Barrie, Esther Gbotuwa ,Frencis,  Alie Conteh.


Learn and Speak small small Chinese everyday with me

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