The Most Beautiful Women From Every Corner Of The World

Philippines – Mercedes Cabral


A Filipino actress, Mercedes Cabral is best known for starring in independent and arthouse films in the Philippines, where both her performance, and the movies themselves have been critically acclaimed. Her interests also lie in fine arts, and she has been trained in sculpture making which is something she enjoys doing. She has also made multiple television appearances, and is popular among art and culture enthusiasts.Advertisement

Sierra Leone – Mariatu Kargbo

Although she started out as a model and was crowned Miss Sierra Leone 2008, in addition to participating in the Miss Universe pageant in China, Mariatu’s true love has always been Chinese culture. She has now taken up Chinese opera and travels the world performing with opera groups. She has also been involved in multiple philanthropic activities in both Sierra Leone and China, and her dream is to bring together African and Chinese cultures.Advertisement

Yemen/United Arab Emirates – Balqees Ahmed Fathi

Born to a Yemeni father and a mother from the Emirates, Balgees Fathi has always had an inclination towards artistic performance. Her father was a well-known Yemeni musician, and she was trained in singing and playing a number of instruments from a very young age. She released her debut album in 2013, and her second album in 2015, which has allowed her to break onto the international music scene.Advertisement

Poland – Magdalena Frackowiak

Magdalena broke onto the modelling scene when her mother sent pictures of her when she was 16 to a modelling agency for a competition. After winning this competition, she began appearing on international runways in 2006 and has performed many print and television endorsements for international brands. She was declared as one of the top 30 models of the 2000s by Vogue Paris and has repeatedly walked Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. She has also started designing jewellery, and has subsequently started her own brand.Advertisement

Namibia – Vicky Michael

When she was a student in China, Vicky Michael was offered the chance to be a model by a random stranger, and her life has been different ever since. She has since worked towards making black beauties more acceptable in Chinese culture and in bringing and showcasing African culture in China. She is a computer science major and now lives and works in Beijing, where modelling is only a part-time venture for her.Advertisement

Kazakhstan – Bayan Yessentaye


A Kazakhstani producer, television presenter, actress, and singer, Bayan Yessentaye gained popularity and fame for her role in a melodramatic television show. Following her appearance on that show, she continued as a journalist and TV presenter for quite some time, before taking on more roles in films and television.Advertisement

Lebanon – Haifa Wehbe

A Lebanese singer and actress, Haifa Wehbe has released multiple studio albums and has acted in a feature film that was quite popular. She was named one of the most desirable women in the world, and her performances and clothes have been considered controversial in some places where she has performed, but she has not let that faze her. Although she moved to Egypt during the conflict in Lebanon, she always looked forward to returning to her home and her people.Advertisement

Tajikistan – Nilufar Sherzod


Although she originally hails from Tajikistan and was born and raised there, Nilufar Sherzod now lives and works out of Utah in the US. She has won the Miss United Nations USA pageant as a representative of Tajikistan and has participated in many other pageants since, setting new precedents, as there have no participants from her homeland in over two decades. She has now also ventured into acting.Advertisement

India – Shreya Ghoshal


Shreya Ghoshal is a famous playback Indian singer who has won multiple awards for her performances in a myriad of film soundtracks. She started learning music from the tender age of 4 and was trained in classical music right from the time she was 6 years old. She was discovered when she was performing on a televised national singing competition, which she won, and has been acclaimed internationally. She is one of the few Indian celebrities who has been honoured internationally and has a wax figure in Madame Tussaud’s, London.Advertisement

Pakistan – Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan is a Pakistani actress who started her career as a television actress which helped her become a household name. She then established her career by taking on lead roles in the most popular drama series of the time. Since then, she has acted in a number of other television and film roles that have cemented her as the top actress in her field. She has a dignified and refined beauty that has made her popular in other parts of the world as well.Advertisement

Latvia – Ginta Lapina

Ginta Lapina was born and grew up in Latvia, but is now based out of New York. She made her first runway appearance at New York Fashion Week in spring 2008, and has since made a name for herself as an extremely versatile model and has walked for the top designers. She has been in advertisements for top beauty and fashion brands, and was placed 27th on a list of the top 50 models in 2010.Advertisement

Italy – Nicole Minetti

Nicole Minetti was born to an English dance instructor and an Italian businessman. Dance was a part of her life from a very young age, and she gained proficiency in it. She briefly worked as a dancer on a comedy variety show before training to work as a dental hygienist. It was while working in a dentist’s office that she got the step up she needed to enter the next phase of her life, which was as a politician. After a brief stint in politics, following several scandals and investigations, Minetti now works to avoid the limelight.Advertisement

Bahrain/India – Shaila Sabt


Shaila Sabt is an actress, model and beauty pageant titleholder, who lives in Bahrain, but is of Indian origin. She rose to fame for being named Bahrain’s Top Model in 2010, following which, she has ventured into acting. She was later named Miss Middle East as well. She has also received a degree in Human Relations from New York Institute and hopes to continue acting in the future.


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