A Frozen Ski Adventure with China’s Child prodigy

Inspired by the passion of the Beijing Winter Olympics, I couldn’t wait to go to the ski resort for my first snowboarding experience. Here, I met atiny athlete called “Xiao Niu”. Only 7 years old, she has been skiing for 4 years. What kind of “Frozen” adventure will we have in Yunju Ski Resort?
I joined China’s Xiao Niu to make a video, so I hope you can watch it and forward! This amazing child can represent China in future Winter Olympics, so we will remember her. My fans and friends, please retweet the video and continue to support the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Come on, Xiao Niu, come on to all the future athletes, I love you!

I will continue to promote the spread of Chinese and African cultures and witness the profound friendships between China and Africa. Please support my work by forwarding! I was genuinely impressed as one of Beijing Winter Olympics’ ambassadors and am grateful to be part of this film with one of the best snowboarding kids. Let’s share this film and look for her in future Games with a gold medal

. Always smile!


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