Foreign students in China extols small small Chinese online classes

中国传媒大学 – Communication University of China – Student of Beijing based Communication University of China practices small small Chinese to improve their Chinese language speaking skill – courtesy of the Mariatu Cargo small small Chinese organisation

Celebrating the year of the Rabbit – Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China and for Chinese all over the world. Commonly referred to as the Spring Festival, it’s a time for families to gather to feast and wish for good fortune.

This year has been called the year of the rabbit ( Tu Nian ) and has been marked with
people celebrating with eating and dancing together with friends and family. Several African youth communities in China, celebrated the day with Chinese colleagues.

Drawing the good luck in Chinese (fu ) on red papers and hanging them up is another common practice.

Also various types of foods like dumplings, rice, fish , noodles, vegetables and cakes; are prepared as food is significant and symbolic for good wishes, great wealth and health wishes for the New Year.


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