The Founder and Teacher

Philanthropist Mariatu Kargbo

 As a service to mankind. Mariatu is a performer, musician, motivational speaker and social activist popularly known as the BLACK PEARL OF CHINA for her excellence in various Chinese art forms. Proud and passionate about helping and serving humanity, Mariatu has spent the greater part of her adult life in China.   

As the Founder and CEO of Small Small Chinese, she produces short bi-weekly videos teaching basic Chinese lessons that share the correct usage and pronunciation of simple Chinese words and phrases. These lessons are shared freely on multiple social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, as well as broadcast on terrestrial TV in Africa. Through these clips, Mariatu’s enthusiasm, determination and will power to impact the world by giving back helps people converse in simple Chinese, creating a great communications transformation across the African continent and beyond. As she says, “language is one of the simplest yet most powerful ways for individuals around the world to build bridges for peace and make a positive social change.”  find out more


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